Hyundai Unveils Limited Edition 2012 Genesis Prada

Hyundai has travelled much beyond being a player whose only differentiator is the price point. Now that its cousin Kia is in the market and playing the pricing game to corner a share of the market, Hyundai is concentrating its energies and resources in pushing the luxury envelope further. They want to have a serious presence in the luxury car segment and is doing its best to attract the affluent customer looking for luxury and exclusivity. It has unveiled the limited edition 2012 Genesis sedan.

Called the Genesis Prada, the sedan has assimilated some serious design contributions from the luxury goods brand. The Korean automaker has been working on the sedan for two years now with Prada in a collaboration to provide their customers a unique luxurious experience. The Genesis Prada is a revised 2012 Genesis sedan that comes with standard Hyundai’s 5.0L Tau V8 engine. The automaker has planned a production of 1,200 units to be marketed in Korea and another small batch for export to other countries.

Three exterior colors have been decided for Genesis Prada- Black Nero, Blue Baltico and Brown Moro. Prada is replacing the sedan’s standard trim with dark chrome to look something like the palladium coated buckles on Prada bags. Prada has also designed a new 19 inch wheel for the limited edition sedan. The outer antenna for the car has been designed in wedge shape. The interiors will have the real Prada look and feel with their signature “saffiano” leather covering the dash as well as the seating surface. Each car will be custom produced against orders and personal specifications if any. Some export has been planned for Middle East and China but the car might not be sold in the US market.

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