A City of Farmers in Mexico Creates Pointy Designers Boots that Becomes a Craze

If you go back to trace the root of a trend or fad you will be surprised to find the whim and fancy of an individual that caught the imagination of the people and turned into a fashion trend. Matehuala, a northeastern Mexican city of farmers and cattle ranchers gave birth to the trend of designer boots with pointy toes. Dario Calderon, a shoemaker who runs his shop in the city had a customer one day who was recorded in the shop as “Cesar of Huizache”. He made an unusual request to the shoemaker.

He had a photograph of a sequined cowboy boot with pointy toes so long, they curled up toward the knees. He ordered for a similar pair of boots but wanted the toes to be even longer than the ones in the photograph. Calderon was amused but made boots with 35 inch long toes. The man wore his new boots and danced at the Mesquit Rodeo nightclub bandido style. He had a good time and didn’t care what people commented about his peculiar boots. The man wasn’t seen in the city again but his shoes had become a hit in the city.

Calderon was flooded with orders for similar shoes. It seemed as if everyone wanted the bizarre, half-Aladdin, all-Vegas pointy boots. It became a profitable business for the shoemaker as he charged $35 for making the elongated toes from plastic foam. With increasing demand there was competition who were willing to add a six inch toe to your existing boot for $30. There was no stylist, designer or luxury brand behind this style phenomenon. It was created by the people and they even experimented with it by putting lights and other decorative things on the toes. It peaked by spreading to nearby areas and then slowly faded away as all fads do.

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