Dan D’Agostino Releases Momentum Amplifier as a First from his Own Company

Dan D’Agostino is considered one of the high priests of the audio world. Over 30 years ago, as a young engineer he had co founded Krell Industries back in 1980. He continued to be the chief engineer of the company till 2009 and took the company to heights where it enjoyed the respect of the industry along with commercial success.  Dan left Krell in 2009 to form a new brand under his own name and floated D’Agostino Inc . He was working hard to create something special that would give his own brand a dream launch.

The result is the Momentum monoblock amplifier. It is his new company’s inaugural launch and it became one of the major talking points of the hi-fi community at January’s CES in Las Vegas. His new creation has reaffirmed Dan’s position as the living audio legend. No one ever had a doubt that Dan D’Agostino is a major force in the audio world. His new creation is a powerful amp that delivers an impressive 300 watts at 8 ohms but the design of the amp is rather compact for such a high output capacity amp.

Dan has used copper instead of aluminum for the heat sinks to get the same output from smaller size equipment. The amp’s svelte chassis is machined from solid aluminum, which helps protect against electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. It also makes the amp highly efficient as it draws only 1 watt of power when in standby mode. Above all, the amp looks really good and can fit in easily with any rack mounted audio system. The momentum limited edition amplifiers are priced at $42,000. The response to the amp has encouraged Dan to create a preamplifier now that will serve as a digital media server.

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