Will Smith’s Mega Trailer The Heat Now Off The Road

The Heat is off the road. We are not talking about the summer but the gigantic trailer Will Smith was using while shooting on Broome Street for Men in Black III. The double Decker trailer has more space than a two bedroom, two bathroom city apartment and boasts of amenities you wouldn’t find even in high end city apartments of comparable size. The 55 foot long trailer with 22 wheels and a gross weight of 30 tons was too large for the residents of the area and intruded on their daily normal routine.

The complaints from the residents got the NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to act and order the removal of the trailer to an area where it did not come in the way of free flowing traffic. The production company had to comply and The Heat was shifted to an empty parking lot about half a mile away from where the shooting is actually taking place. Will Smith has now opted for a much smaller 35 foot trailer which is routinely used by stars. The mega star had the option of commuting to his mega trailer but he prefers staying put at the shooting sight even if he feels cramped in his smaller trailer.

Smith only scowled when asked about the compromise he had to make. You can’t really blame him if you go through what he is missing after The Heat was shifted. The super trailer is made by Anderson Mobile Estates and Smith had it customized by creating makeup and wardrobe area, screening area, lounge and working area for his staff and writers. Will Smith had picked up the luxury motor home for $1.8 million. When you see the photographs you will appreciate that it was a bargain basement price.

Via: Gothamist


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  • WOW it’s like an entire mansion on wheels…
    I didn’t even know something like this existed!

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