Gwen Stefani & Family Takes A Luxury Trip About Roman Abramovich’s Luxury Yacht, Luna

One of the foremost name in Pop, Gwen Stefani, was recently reported taking a European tour, which in itself is no big deal. However, what’s really interesting is the part where she along with her husband, the renowned musician, Gavin Rossdale and their two children, Kingston and Zuma boarded the luxury yacht, Luna, for a luxury getaway in Cannes, France. The Luna, as many of you might know, is one of the most prized possession of Russian billionaire, oil and telecommunication magnate, Roman Abramovich. The Luna, which is also said to be the largest private yacht was delivered to Mr. Abramovich in the month of April last year at Kristiansand, Norway.

The world’s largest expedition yacht, Luna, spreads across a staggering 115 meters hosted Gwen Stefani and her family as they cruised to the London, the home town of Gavin Rossdale, shooting memorable family pics via Gwen’s iPhone. The Luna that ferried this celebrity couple is a marvel of marine engineering and brings to the table an unparalleled luxurious experience. This magnificent superyacht comes features two helicopter pads facing forward and to the rear and the open aft deck is the home to a covered swimming pool and as Luna is an expedition yacht, it means that is remarkable vessel can cover great distances without requiring to stop or refuel. The owner of this gorgeous superyacht, Roman Abramovich was ranked in the 15th position in the 2008 Forbes list of world’s richest men with an estimated net worth of a whopping $11.2 billion.

Via Daily Mail

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