Say Hello To The All New Water Propelled Jetpack From Jetlev Technologies

Since the days of James Bond, personal jetpacks have been one of the most desired possession of numerous adventurists and tech enthusiasts alike. Though the immensely famous Martin Jetpack has indeed captivated the imagination of potential consumers worldwide, yet the following product that we are featuring here stands apart from the crowd in terms of technology and sheer design. The all new water propelled jetpack from Jetlev Technologies is a culmination of state of the art technology and an out of the box approach towards personal jetpacks from Jetlev and MS Watersports GmbH. This one of a kind jetpack is so unique because its entire propulsion system, engine and other crucial systems are packed in a stunning autonomous boat that follows the jetpack wherever it goes. The most remarkable factor of the water propelled jetpack is its fuel, that by now you might have guessed it correctly to be ‘water’.

The autonomous boat is attached to the jetpack via a 33 ft (10 m) hose that supplies this incredible contraption with water that the jetpack then uses for propulsion and hence the reason that this Jetlev Technologies has designed this product for water sports only. The water propelled jetpack is powered by a four stroke 250 hp engine that can easily accommodate an average 68kg man while traveling at maximum speed of 22mph. The storage tanks of this magnificent jetpack can carry up to 100 liters of water, thereby enabling to enjoy the trip for a full one hour on maximum speed or travel at cruising speed for 2-3 hours. Even with such impressive features, the truly remarkable water propelled Jetpack from Jetlev Technologies is also quite high on safety as well. The harness of the this remarkable contraption is built on a 5-point release platform as well as protective backrest and head support.

Via Gizmag

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