Alexander Amosu Dabs the Amazon Kindle with 24 Carat Gold

You must have always wondered what the hullabaloo is all about the Kindle, and I don’t get it either! It is just a gadget on which you could read some books and you won’t even have the pleasure of smelling the musty pages. Well, that being a completely different story, here is an Amazon Kindle that has been coated in 24 carat gold. Alexander Amosu, who is known for such bling stuff has gone ahead and decided to turn the Kindle in to a bling-bling yellow device.

If you would like my real fashion opinion, I find the yellow metal tasteless and not-so-chic. It is so much in-your-face and crass. The Kindle comes with Wi-Fi and 3G and you could choose between 24 carat yellow, white or rose gold. Still trashy, I feel. Of course, there is also the optional Swarovski crystals. Is this what the designers think of us luxury consumers? That all that we even want is just gold, Swarovski crystals and diamonds? Come on folks, luxury is so much more than lifeless and expensive metals and stones.

You could however ask him to personalize your Kindle, and make sure you don’t walk around in dark alleys at night after a party with your Kindle in hand. You sure will be mugged, stabbed, and you would no more be reading our blog and would e resting peacefully in a gravesite bought by papa dahlin’. Alexander Amosu had also recreated the iPad 2 and the Blackberry Torch. I am sure you would want to read that as well, if you have been daft enough to drool over the metallic piece above.

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