Now, A Bamboo IPhone Case That Is Eco-Friendly Too

If you and your iPhone are simply inseparable, here is a cool product that promises to attract plenty of envious glances. We have seen plenty of leather iPhone cases. There have been several examples of iPhone cases that are high on bling. We have even seen handcrafted Samurai iPhone cases. But here is a new iPhone case that is truly one of a kind.

Hong Kong-based SigniCASE has designed an awesome iPhone protector that is made of bamboo. Yes, you got that right! William Mak from SigniCASE came up with this unique bamboo case for the iPhone that gives your precious gadget plenty of daily protection. And it has environmental concerns at heart too. The bamboo case is made of a fast-growing biodegradable bamboo and comes in eco-friendly packaging. So it helps reduce your carbon footprint as well.

However, even though this iPhone cover is made of wood, it only weighs in at 22 grams. Each bamboo case has a screen protector. Plus, it is super-slim, so put away all your worries about a bamboo case being extra bulky. This one isn’t. And in a world where iPhones are proliferating every minute, here is a cool way to ensure that your gadget stands a class apart.

SigniCASE is a specialist in creating cases that are eco-friendly and sustainable. And the company’s website actually invites customers to design their own sustainable cases. All you have to do is create a design, turn it into a vector graphic design file and send it in. SigniCASE will then engrave this on your case.

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