World’s Most Expensive Jaguar E-Type Takes 7,000 Hours For Restoration

In the world of auto racing, the iconic Jaguar E-Type is not only one of the most revered, but is also one of the most highly respected car in the world. However, following a fatal crash at the Montlhery circuit in France, in the year 1964, this marvelous car was reduced to nothing but heap of junk with restoration possibilities though to be nearly non-existent. But, as the saying goes, “Nothing is impossible”, the owner of Classic Motor Car business, CMC, in Bridgnorth, Peter Neumark, has now brought this beauty from its grave and presented to the world the fully restored Low Drag lightweight Jaguar E-Type, carrying a price tag of $8.2 million, this making it ‘world’s most expensive Jaguar E-Type’. The restoration of this magnificent piece of automobile history consumed nearly 7,000 hours and the entire process was achieved using 90% of the  original parts from the crashed Jaguar model, thus bringing the past back to life in the field of luxury cars.

The crash of 1964, claimed the lives of Peter Lindner, the driver of the Jaguar E-Type, as well as that of another driver and the two other marshals. The entire restoration process was conducted by Peter Neumark and generously assisted by the relatives of the deceased driver, who contributed by sending in the images and footage of the original Jaguar E-Type. The Jaguar E-Type was unveiled in the year 1961 at a gala presentation at the restaurant du Parc des Eaux Vives in Geneva. The gorgeous and highly aerodynamic oriented frame of E-Type was conceived by Malcolm Sayer, an aeronautical engineer, who was also the man behind the ever popular Jaguar C- and D-types.

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