Uber-chic Bronze Lanterns to Brighten Your Rooms and Life

The decorative hanging bronze lanterns will bedazzle anyone with their beauty. The glass votive holders come in variety of shapes and colors which are made of very strong glass. The fascinating workmanship makes them a perfect choice for any interior decor planning. Candles may not be the best way to decorate your room, but they do create an ambience of luxury and eliteness that is totally necessary if you wanna create the right impression.

The Votive Candle Light, which doubles up as a bronze lantern gives a soft light which reflects the pleasant atmosphere of any room. Its suspended chain enables you to move up and down and adjust the height in its hanging position. The chains are made of stainless steel rings. When the candle is lit, it gives a steady light that is also said to emanate good energy tand bring joy. You can sit peacefully in your chair while it warms the room with its flickering light without smoke.

The lantern’s votive glass is surrounded by four rings of bronze woven in to one unit, which is connected with stainless steel giving more shine. The draping chain is made of three rings in metal, allowing the bottom most to hang freely to form fringes, without any sort of connection of panels with each other. It is priced at $149.95.

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