TwistedLamb and Skingraft Launch Dark Leggings with Skeleton Overtones

Imagine walking through a dark alley and being followed by goons who are after not just your money, but also your sexy legs. All that you would care about in such a moment is your life and your money as well. However, wearing something avant garde and slightly edgy would send signals of you being strong person and how you might actually be able to fight for yourself. Even otherwise, you would look great in some cool and dark leggings that extend from ankles to hips.

TwistedLamb and Skingraft have unveiled the edgy skeletal print leggings that come with rows of skeletons, bones and other gory prints. These leggings are made of skin tight black lycra and make your legs look slimmer and sexier. You could wear these leggings to a nightclub, or during one of those lonely walks down the alley when you are looking for a stranger to have some steamy moments. Of course, with legs like that, you sure will get all the male attention you would ever need to quench your thirst for some fluids.

These leggings come in gray and black, and cost $80 and could be one of the most avant garde leggings that I have ever seen. I would say, go ahead and get them before they get sold out. You could also take a look at the Jean Paul Gaultier socks that we had written about sometime back. So go ahead, and get these hot leggings and drive all the thugs mad. Rough stuff is always better than vanilla, and that’s what I have always believed.

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