Kara Ross’ Lollipop Ring Is not Only Chic, but Also Naughty

Since the age of thirteen, Kara Ross has been designing fine jewellery.  The network based designer creates dazzling embellished ornaments and is a certified gemmologist who has launched her accessory line. Her style is unique and she uses stones of vibrant colours, forming various angles and edges. Her ornaments simple but chic look.

Kara Ross’ Lollipop Ring has a rectangular sloping edge, with sides cut-out details, and the interior having the details of designer’s-stamp. Now all that I wonder is, why the ring is named after lollipops. It subtly hints at blowjobs, and if you are into oral pleasuring of the man in your life, probabkly you could wear the Lollipop Ring as an ode to the fellating act. This design is ultra modern which is not limited to trends and seasons. This simple accessory is sophisticated and you might want to bring in uniformity of your outfit.

The unexpected angles surprisingly generate an interest with clean cut, geometrical designs such as hexagon or pentagon. They are original with architectural facets, and would suit any occasion. The Sterling Silver Lollipop Ring has polished silver facets is a compact mass of solid metal.

It needs a strong coordinated outfit. Michael Korrs’ brown cotton-twill skirt with oversized envelope pockets, scarf of olive-green camouflage print will add an urban cool look.   This is priced at $225. You could also go ahead and read about the Diamond Studded Gold Ring by Tiffany, if you are not really into lollipops or anything naughty like that. So go ahead, and try it!

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