GEN 11, the Star of the Film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Set to be Auctioned

Cars have been central to stories told by Ian Fleming. They have been like a character in the story and when his stories were made into films they had to create special cars incorporating the exceptional details described by Ian Fleming. Two of the cars thus created became some of the best known cars in the world. Both the cars perfectly display the magical quality of Ian Fleming’s storey telling. The first of these cars was made in 1964 and is known as the James Bond 1964 Aston Martin DB5 movie car which was used during the filming of Goldfinger and Thunderball.

The car was fitted with all the ‘Q-Branch’ gadgets that were fully operational. The car went under the hammer at an auction in London last October and fetched a staggering price of $4,608,500. The second car to come out of Ian Fleming’s stories is Gen11. The car was made when Fleming’s novel Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car was made into a film. The car built in 1967 was a star of the film Chtty Chitty Bang Bang. The film’s director Ken Hughes had collaborated on the script with Roald Dahl and had given a new form and shape to the story as compared to the famous novel for children.

The car was created by the film’s production designer Ken Adam, Rowland Emmett and the Ford racing team. The star of the film does not fly in reality but is a fully functioning road car. It was created for the central role in the film and became very famous and popular after the film was screened. The fully functional GEN11 is also scheduled to be sold off in a car auction soon. You may visit the auction site if you would like to know more about the construction details of the car. The kids who loved the film and the car in the late 1960s would be nostalgic about the car and would love to own it.


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