$45 Million Of Product Placement Ads Up For Grabs In Next Bond Film

When it all began, one would not expect James Bond to sup with the Communists. However, times are a changing, and the rise of the Chinese economy could mean that Bond may soon be spotted toting Chinese electronics. Off the bat, it sounds hard to swallow. But an Australian report has indicated the new 007 film could end up featuring product placements from even Chinese tech empires. Producer MGM and distributor Sony have plans of garnering product placement ads of up to $45 million, a huge jump from the record $20 million of product placement ads in Minority Report.

Of course, Bond movies are not unfamiliar with in-film product placements. James Bond’s Aston Martin is a case in point. Over the years, we have seen plenty of namedropping about the luxury car brand. And James Bond movies offer plenty of scope to plug in luxury products. The dapper spy wears only the finest suits, the swankiest watches and other accessories. So much so that there is a website dedicated to the Bond lifestyle.

And the famous spy has inspired all kinds of brilliant things. The James Bond bed by Nicholas Melan is a prime example of how luxury meets technology. One of the upcoming events is the James Bond book release later this month. The new adventure is written by thriller writer Jeffery Deaver, and the limited luxury edition will be packaged in a stunning metal case crafted by Bentley.

Tentatively named ‘Bond 23’, the title is yet to be finalized. But what is clear is that we will get to see plenty of product ads. Could this increased association with corporates be detrimental for the film as the likes of docu-filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is saying? We will just have to wait and watch.

Via: Huffington Post

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