Live The Futurist Life In The Microsoft Home

Microsoft has changed our lives in so many ways. And now, it is out to change the way we live. The Microsoft Home of the future, which stands on the Redmond Campus of the Executive Briefing Centre, is something of a concept home that envisions how families will live in an increasingly hi-tech future.

Most of the technology being put to use in this Microsoft Home is available today, just not yet exploited in the home environment. The Microsoft Home, in fact, has been around since 1994 and looks at how the average family of four might live in an increasingly tech-savvy world. As you enter the dream home, you see the conductive charging plate. Place your mobile phone here and it will start charging. But there is more to this gadget than meets the eye. You could put your watch, your contact lens or anything else that you regularly use to get information about your heart, your fitness, your activities and so on. This is terrific technology that places all your physiological information at your service so easily.

Then, there is the huge screen that lets you sift through your favorite shows or music. It can throw up similar shows, similar bands. If you are looking at music, it could also take you to a concert that you attended a year ago and you could check out bus schedules and more. This is image to image searching at its best.

The teen’s room has digital wallpaper that shows all the online texts she is receiving, her favorite band playing, even helps her work on her areas of interest. The Microsoft Home is a truly immersive experience. We can’t wait to get such technology in our own homes.

Via: Channel 9

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