Apple iOS Enabled House Grabs The 2011 Home Of The Year Award From Electronic House

As the technology progresses to unfathomable benchmarks, luxury homes have been the next logical step to infuse stylish living with cutting edge technology to make our lives all the more comfortable. One of the most revered tech based home improvement magazine, Electronic House, has now announced the winner of its prestigious 2011 Home Of The Year Award and the winner is a luxury dwelling that has been infused with Apple devices and designed to be fully automated, courtesy of HD Media Systems. This incredible house that in itself epitomizes luxury living, uses the much adored Savant App to control the automation of the house.

This luxury house with its automated systems offers a sneak peek into the future of luxury housing, what interior designers such as Jeff Lewis can do with your cherished home using the latest technological marvels. This very house that has been recipient of the most cutting edge current generation technology is powered entirely by Apple iOS and the entire concept is based on Apple iPad and other Apple devices. One of the coolest features of this tech home is the lighting system, where in the owners can adjust the lighting to their preference using the wall mounted iPads and the system also comes with a “party button” that alters the temperature and lighting of the rooms to that of a party ambience. Furthermore, in the party mode, the system also sends in audio through 15 different Sonance in-ceiling speaker zones. Another marvel is where the occupant can remotely instruct the iron to get warmed up before taking the clothes to it.

Via Electronic House


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