Wine Coolers: Raise a toast With a Chilly Booze

Wine has definitely been known as the drink of the elite and rich but what happens when not available to the drinker the exact way it’s supposed to be served? Different wines, depending on their makes are to be served at different temperatures and can only then be enjoyed by your dear guests. This is where the mighty role of wine coolers come in. Wine coolers are accessories that are designed with the sole purpose of storing one’s wine at the desired temperature. This is important because if wine is served too cold it may lose its flavour whereas humid temperatures tend to speed up its aging process. In order to store wine at an optimum temperature, a wine cellar usually does the trick but we all agree that would just be pushing it!

Any wine drinker would know the importance of such an accessory and if you are one of them, look no further as I have narrowed down 5 top selling, must have wine coolers in the list below.

1)    NewAir AW-180E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Touch Screen

New Air’s latest AW-180E is not only gorgeous to look at but also serves the purpose it was meant to. At a price of $149.99, this smart accessory comes with a capacity of storing 18 wine bottles. In addition to this it is extremely user friendly with touchscreen controls. The model also features a LED display offering bright contrast on the outside as well as LED lighting on the inside, which allows one to pick out their favourite bottle of wine without difficulty in seeing. The cooler works on thermoelectric technology and thus isn’t a noisy machine, making it convenient to use anywhere without hassle. If this wasn’t enough already, the racks inside are chrome plated so that your wine may be stored away in style.

2)    EdgeStar 12 Bottle Slim-Fit Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel Trim Door

The Edge Star Slim-fit wine cooler is probably the most compact wine cooler out. With a meagre width of 10” it is sure to save on space. Do not be fooled by its size as it’s a known fact that all good things come in small packages. Not only does it allow 12 bottles of your favourite wine to be stored at temperatures ranging from 40 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit but it also provides eco-friendly, compressor less, thermoelectric cooling. Movement caused by compressor less units is disqualified by energy efficient thermoelectric Peltier cooling that protects your aging wine from agitation. With a reversible stainless steel trimmed thermopane glass body and removable chrome plates on the inside, a wine cooler has never looked smarter. This accessory can be yours at a price of $109.00.

3)    EdgeStar’s Deluxe 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Going against its own product mentioned above, EdgeStar goes all out with its deluxe wine cooler saying that size is everything. This wine cooler refrigerator can store up to 28 bottles of wine making it extremely spacious as compared to other compact coolers of today. It has a very stylish finish as it features a premium metallic silver finish door trim with double paned tempered glass. The tinted glass door possesses the quality of protecting one’s wine from harmful light. Available at a price of $170.50, this cooler is meant for anyone who enjoys a huge appetite for wine.

4)    Whynter WC-211DZ 21 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler

Priced at $360.00, this cooler provides what most other coolers don’t – a dual temperature cooling system. It features an adjustable thermostat for each zone, the upper zone (44F – 66F) and Lower zone (50F – 66F). This cooler can hold a total number of 21 bottles, with 6 in the upper zone and 15 in the lower zone. Other features include a thermoelectric cooling system, LED display and a CFC-free system.

5)    Haier 18-Bottle Capacity Wine Tower Storage

Even though this may not be a designer wine cooler, Haier’s latest cooler scores high in the looks department with a stylish finish. It has a double-pane insulated glass door and a recessed handle which gives the unit a neat, sophisticated look. Available at a price of $135.09, this wine tower is one like no other. The cooler is equipped with a flexible mechanical thermostat for setting the temperature from 50- to 64-degrees F. Other features include rear venting and levelling legs that make it easy to stabilize the unit when sitting on uneven ground. This unit comes with a one year parts and labour warranty.

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