The Super Rich can Choose The Best Place to Retire without Retirement Planning

The last round of economic downturn and the resulting recessionary pressure has skewed the income distribution pattern in the favor of the rich. The wealth gap between the richest Americans, who form only 1 percent of the total population, and the rest has widened further. The rising cost of living has made retirement planning that much more difficult for the average American. But the super rich need not worry about retirement investment and choose at will the place that provides the best housing, health care, and amenities. They need not worry about outliving their savings and how to take care of the medical expenses.


US News conducted a study recently based on the Best Place to Retire search tool, powered by data from Onboard Informatics. The study took into account the median housing prices, cost of living and other expenses to come up with a list of best retirement spots. The study indicates very clearly that most Americans will not be able to afford these places based on their retirement investment and are suitable only for the super rich. The 2010 median home sale prices in these cities range from $435,000 to more than $2.3 million. There are places with exclusive neighborhoods and places with lavish resorts, golf courses, and fine dining.

These affluent towns are generally suburbs of major cities. Some of the towns figuring high on the list are Kailua which is just 12 miles from Honolulu, Bethesda is just outside Washington. Palm Beach is the place most suited for those who want to permanently avoid the winters. Most of these towns boast of fine country clubs and diverse outdoor activities. In fact some of the places with highest housing prices offer loads of free or low-cost things to do, including museums, parks, and well-maintained walking and hiking trails. There are many god places you can move to after retirement it simply needs more astute retirement planning.

Via: money.usnews

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