Vondom Designs Fiesta, A Glow-In-The-Dark Outdoor Bar

If you have the space, there is nothing better than an outdoor party. Of course, provided the weather is fine and there is no chance of the party getting rained out. But the problem with an outdoor party is having to go back indoors time and again to fetch the alcohol and mocktails. But Spanish furniture maker Vondom has a wonderful solution in store.

Earlier on, we have seen products like the mobile cocktail bar, which comes fully equipped for a night out under the stars. And if you liked that outdoor bar, you will love this one. Vondom has created a cocktail bar that could just as easily be the life of the party. The Fiesta from Vondom is spacious and seats more people than your average mobile bar. Plus, this white futuristic bar looks absolutely fantastic. Not only does it have this space age, yet very classy, contemporary vibe about it, but it lights up as well. The white color is fresh and light, and it just adds to the illuminated effect. Plus, it is completely functional. Inside there are plenty of shelves for easy storage.


The bar stools are super-stylish, and the bar can do wonders for practically any outdoor venue, be it by the sea, by the pool, on the deck of a luxury yacht or in your backyard. The Fiesta is designed so you can have a good time. Available in three different sizes (small, medium and large), the Fiesta is designed to get your party started.

Via: Trendir.com

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