Presenting An All New Fabulous Electric Keyboard or Compiano, The Whaletone Piano.

Music binds us all and could very well be the one element that in essence is the binding factor for all the universe. Now, designer Robert Majkut has taken the features electric keyboard and fused them with the gorgeous design of a piano, thus creating a marvelous Compiano in the form of the all new The Whaletone Piano. This exquisite and one of a kind grand piano was unveiled the Design Week in Milan, Italy this unique instrument has been designed and developed for professionals. The structure of the Whaletone Piano, well as the name suggests is inspired from the elegant motions of a giant whale coming out the water.

The all new Whaletone Piano is the perfect culmination of technology and artistic design and is aimed at both art lovers and professional lovers. Pianos have been one of the most sought after concepts in the fusion of modern technology with art, as is quite evident by infusing of piano in luxury sedans. The Whaletone Piano is composed of the state of the art electronic music components and comes with the cutting edge SuperNATURAL Piano technology. This magnificent piano rivals the translucent piano by designer, Gary Pons and with its ivory look, Mr. Majkut took immense pride in designing this gorgeous keyboard with a stunning sound quality. This Roland stage piano of the Whaletone Piano series comes with built-in list of 500 sounds and is also composed of classic tones such as that of ’60s and ’80s. However, this isn’t the end of the spectacles offered by this unique keyboard, as among other optional features some of the most interesting are a CD player, V piano card upgrades, LED display, internal sound processor with equalizer etc.

Via Neatorama & Dooby Brain

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