Dry Clean Your Luxury Clothing At $145

When you have bought a suit worth thousands of dollars, you might as well get a bespoke dry cleaner to clean it. After all, luxury clothing should not be mixed with regular clothing, especially if you want it to look new, year after year. Enter New York dry cleaning firm Jeeves. New York Magazine named it the “Best Dry Cleaner for Difficult Jobs” in its 2011 edition of Best of New York. And the firm counts The Metropolitan Opera House among its big ticket clients.

The dry cleaner in Manhattan charges a whopping $145 (and that is just the starting price) for its Perfect Suit cleaning service. You could get your clothes dry cleaned for a sixth of that amount anywhere else. But then, luxury living demands such exorbitant prices. And the Perfect Suit is a service that is designed for bespoke clothing. Gerald von Pozniak, managing director of Jeeves explains that a suit that was hand-crafted over 25 hours or more “should not be subjected to spinning in a machine at 600 rpm”. At Jeeves, a four-member team takes up to five hours just hand cleaning a suit. That is huge, considering that most dry cleaners can process 25 to 30 suits per hours. But then, luxury brands demand that kind of attention.

Over and above this, Jeeves has done away with the use of petrochemicals and offers eco-friendly carbon dioxide dry cleaning. New York residents get the free pick-up and delivery from the US branch. However, Jeeves, which started in London in 1969 has branches in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bahrain, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur as well. And each of the branches cater to international clients as well.

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