Reed Krakoff Designs A $4,500 Gym Bag

Summer is upon us and it is time to hit the gym to get back last year’s bikini body. But if you have decided to finally hit the gym again, why not invest in some luxury handbags like the ones designed by Reed Krakoff. Whoever said you can’t get stylish while sweating it out at the gym?

Krakoff’s spring 2011 Gym Bag is designed to make you turn heads even before you hit the beach. And if you believed a sports bag is a basic hold-all with an attached bottle carrier, Krakoff’s new creation is sure to be a revelation. Wave bye-bye to having to go home from the gym to pick up a more stylish satchel before heading out for a lunch date. The new Gym Bag from Krakoff can make a style statement even at the finest restaurants.

Krakoff’s new line of luxury handbags are crafted out of python and leather. The new 2011 Gym Bag is available in two sizes. The smaller one is 10.2 inches tall, 12.6 inches wide and 6.7 inches deep. The larger size measures out to 14.2 inches in height, 17.8 inches in width and a depth of 7.9 inches. These sports bags are available in red, blue, grey, silver and natural shades – very chic and elegant.

If you are looking at the price points, let me tell you that the Krakoff Gym Bag does not come cheap. The smaller version costs $790 in leather and $2,790 in python. The prices for the larger one go up to $1,390 for leather and $4,500 for the python one.


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