Oppenheim’s Desert Lodge In Jordan Is At One With Nature

How would you like to live in luxury in the middle of a desert? It is no longer an impossible dream thanks to Florida-based firm, Oppenheim Architecture + Design. The American architecture and design firm recently created a new luxury desert lodge in the Wadi Rum, Jordan. The property has proved a contest winner. If you look at the pictures you will realize why.

Oppenheim designed the lodge in such a way that it blends in with its natural surroundings. It is a brilliant design, and a sustainable one at that. As you approach it, you will find sharp geometric shapes cut into the topography. The design embraces the natural fissures on the land, ensuring that the man-made constructs dissolve into the desert scene. This is eco-luxury at its best.

But just because this is a sustainable design, do not expect it to be on a small scale. The Wadi Rum hotel offers everything that a luxury traveler might desire. And guests can choose between a rock lodge, a spa lodge, a tent lodge and a reserve villa. Even the interiors are a fine example of how wonderfully a man-made lodge can add to rather than subtract from the surrounding scenic beauty. Warm earth tones add a degree of warmth and coziness to the rooms. The rooms offer breathtaking views of the Jordan desert, thanks to enormous walls of glass. And you can sit there for hours just admiring the view outside.

Oppenheim has also worked in necessary desert architecture, including natural ventilation and shading to ensure a luxurious experience amid the rugged climes of the Jordan desert.

Via: DesignBoom.com

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