Geoffrey Parker Comes Up with a Set of 15 Garden Games for Lawn Parties

Geoffrey Parker is a proud and traditional British company that makes superb games by hand in their country workshops. They were in the news sometime back for making the world’s most expensive poker set worth $7.5 million. Their design team and master craftsmen are able to provide personalized service to their customers and create unique products of the highest standards that can be found in the world’s top luxury stores, casinos, corporations and with private wealthy customers. They are masters at creating custom products in both gaming and bespoke gifts.

They have created the ultimate garden games chest that would come in pretty handy for the luxe summer lawn parties. It is a set of 15 classic garden games that can be played in the grand country estates. It is a large willow wicker basket with bridle leather straps and has been priced at $6,700. Some of the games included in the basket are croquet, skittles, boules, badminton, volleyball, quoits and more. The very best woods by Jaques of London have been used to fashion the croquet pieces. It was Jaques who invented the game of croquet and introduced it to the world in 1851.

It has been 50 years now Geoffrey Parker has been making luxury games. Over the years they have collaborated with prestigious luxury brands for special projects. They have undertaken commissions for creating bespoke items like a unique Monopoly set which was created within an alligator skin plinth and made from sterling silver, gold and diamond. When you saw the piece, the price of $800,000 seemed justified. Geoffrey Parker is not after volumes or mass production and they like working for customers who appreciate items of great beauty and are looking for the best available in the market.


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  • I have to say that Geoffrey Parker does an awesome job with games and I love the 15 Garden Games for Lawn Parties they have made.

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