Airpiano has Moved on from Being just a Concept and is Available Online

The concept of Airpiano was put forward way back in 2008 by interface design student Omer Yosha. It is not exactly an instrument in its own but an innovative MIDI and OSC controller that allows the user to trigger invisible keys and faders in midair. From a mere concept it has now moved on to become an experimental instrument. No one has mastered the instrument as yet and no rules have been formulated as yet about how exactly one should play the airpiano.

This fact goes in favor of the new instrument as you need not go to a master or a guru to learn the intricacies of the instrument. If you have the inclination and the interest you can explore the possibilities the instrument presents musically and maybe develop a style of your own. Who knows, you might end up being the first Airpiano wizard. The instrument is actually available now online for €1,099 if your address is in Europe. If you live anywhere else, the price is €1,149 which is approximately $1,680.

It is a totally new concept. In fact the patent of the concept is still pending. It is the first musical interface with touch free interaction. It definitely introduces a new user experience. The Airpiano does not produce a sound on its own but sends open sound control signals to a computer over USB by using proximity sensors. The instrument has a matrix of 24 discreet keys and eight faders but it is the software incorporated in the device that makes it really versatile. You will have to buy one to actually find what all is possible on an Airpiano.

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