10,000 Swarovski Crystals Deck Crystograph’s IPad 2 Blooming Gold Edition

For most people, the Apple iPad is a utility device. Sure, it is fun and cool and great-looking, but at heart it is a mobile device. And giving it a high-end super-luxurious makeover is Crystograph led by designer Petria Kwon and her team. This is not her first time providing an aesthetic touch to the iPad. Not too long ago, Kwon had created the ice edition iPad using Swarovski crystals. Kwon is therefore treading familiar territory as she puts together the iPad 2 Blooming Gold Edition.

The new crystal iPad 2 from Crystograph is set with 10,000 Swarovski crystals. The crystals are of various different shades to create a shimmering effect that reminds you of spring. So you have silver shade, golden shadow, light Colorado topaz and jet hematite colored crystals decking this blingy mobile device. Crystograph’s iPad 2 Blooming Gold Edition can be customized as well if the customer likes.

Interested customers have the option of customizing the type of crystal to be used as well as the color, size and cut of the crystal. Customers can choose between crystals of 1.35mm, 1.80mm, 2.10mm. These variations will show up based on the light settings. In dim light, the smaller crystals will be set off. In bright light, the bigger ones will show up. Customers can decide on the final product after seeing relevant photos of the iPad2. Get set to shell out $10,000 for this glittering product.

If so much bling turns you off, there is always the iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition by Stuart Hughes. But whatever you decide to buy, make sure you invest in protective cases as well – something like the leather iPad 2 cases we wrote about recently.

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