Magique of Art, the Luxury Exhibition at Chandigarh

Magique of Art is the title of an exhibition recently held at The Taj, Chandigarh. It is an exhibition that does not encourage confusion and showcases just one luxury brand in every segment. Upasna Chugh is the curator who has brought this French concept of exhibition to Chandigarh. The exhibition has selected only one from the top brands in a particular segment. In fact they have gone in for the best luxury brand based on their own research and some pre determined criteria. Upasna believes it helps maintain the focus on the best. It tends to get diluted if there is a clutter.

The idea of the exhibition is bring the best of luxury goods from across the world to India where the growing number of rich want the luxury goods but there awareness and access to luxury goods is limited to duty free shopping on their trips abroad. Upasna Chugh has brought one top-of-the-line brand or designer in each segment. Rolls Royce is participating with their lineup of automobiles. Varun Bahl’s haute couture, Porsche Design collection of mobile phones and pens, yachts and boats by The Estd are some of the participants from other segments. Dyramics Luxury Porcelain, Alfresco and Luxury Outdoor Living were also participating in the exhibition.

There are a total of 13 exhibitors in the exhibition and each one of them had a separate lounge to display and showcase their wares. The idea behind the exhibition is to let the people experience the opulence and luxury. The prices are on the higher side as the very best has been assembled for the exhibition. And the primary aim of the exhibition is not immediate sales but a more long term connection with the consumer. The exhibition started from Chandigarh as it is a very lucrative market for luxury products and has the perfect blend of style and money. The exhibition is now scheduled to travel to Ludhiana and Delhi.

Note:  we have taken off the image as it was incorrectly used having a different identity in the name of “Upasna Chugh”

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