Kodak Incorporates Interactive Element to Its Pulse Digital Picture Frame

Digital technology and the internet together have flooded the world with photographs that are being shared almost instantly. But the older generations who are not very tech savvy at times feel left out because of their inability to handle the modern technology and its gadgets. Kodak understands this very well and has been trying to simplify the photo sharing process as much as possible. There have been several products for this purpose by Kodak and other manufacturers as well but the new Kodak Pulse digital picture frame is so user friendly that even the most technically averse moms, dads or grandparents will not feel uncomfortable using it.

The Kodak Pulse 2.0 features interactive capability that allows the user to respond to the pictures received via email. It requires the simplest of steps to revert back with one of the canned messages. With this interactive photo frame even those who refuse to join the social networking sites can stay connected with their loved ones and keep receiving their latest photographs. The process is very simple. You plug in the Kodak Pulse picture frame and its touch screen leads you through a simple menu to choose an email address specifically for the picture frame. You can then mail pictures directly to the picture frame or even configure it to receive pictures from a Facebook account.

The interactive element incorporated in this picture frame sets it apart from other similar frames that have come to the market so far. It has a set of quick comments like Nice Picture, Fun, Strange, Congrats etc which can be sent back with one touch of the screen. There is no keyboard involved which drives a lot of people away from a product. This new interactive picture frame from Kodak is available in two sizes. The 7 inch model has been priced at $130 and the 10 inch model will cost you $200. The screen is sharp and bright and the product is bound to receive a good response from the consumers.

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