Audi Teams Up With Renovo to Create the Most Environment Friendly Mode of Transport

It is fashionable today to be eco friendly. Terms like low emissions, low carbon footprint or carbon credits are being used with increasing frequency. The fact remains that the total automobile population of the world are the greatest source of carbon emission on this earth and the automobile manufacturers are working on alternative designs, hybrid designs to reduce their dependence on hydro carbon fuel. The new designs have achieved varying degree of success. Till date the only true zero emission mode of transport is a bicycle but for the urban dwellers it is more a means of recreation.

Audi, the luxury car maker has teamed up with the Oregon-based Renevo Hardwood Bicycles to create a set of cycles under their brand name. There have been other luxury car makers including BMW who have earlier entered into merchandising deals with bicycle manufacturers to enhance their lifestyle line catalog. But in this case the teams from Audi and Renovo Hardwood Bicycles worked together and added value with their expertise to develop specific bicycles designs. The result is simply fascinating. The Audi Duo hardwood bicycle is a perfect fusion of a German auto company, American bike maker and an Italian construction process.

The Audi duo bicycle frame uses an early-discovered lightweight material, wood. It is supposed to be just a quarter of the weight of aluminum. The wood’s natural ability to absorb shocks ensures a better riding experience than a traditional metallic frame bike. Apart from the smoother ride the Audi bicycles are positioned as more environmentally friendly being both recyclable and biodegradable. Reneovo with its 200 years of experience has hand-built their wooden framed products in a monocoque fashion. Three models in the Audi Duo series have been released. The entry level City bicycle costs $6,530 including shipping. The Sport model is priced at $7,350 and the top of the line Road model will cost you $7,460.  If you are a little surprised by the prices, don’t forget they are Audis.

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