Royal Wedding’s Official Guest List and Seating Plan Released!

British royal family and royal wedding have been making news ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding dates were declared. Speculations have been rife about every little aspect of the wedding, right from the wedding gown of the bride to the celebrity presence at the royal party. Now finally, few days ahead of grand Friday wedding, official guest list and seating plan has been declared. It puts an end to all speculations and now world knows apart from bride and groom who will be under the media glare for having made it to the royal guest list.

Guest list makes it clear that this wedding will be strictly royal and British affair. Apart from Prince William’s royal family and Kate Middleton’s family members, the wedding will be graced by royal families from different countries like Bahrain, Greece, Malaysia, Denmark, Morocco, Yugoslavia and few others. The invitation list also has names of political leaders but strictly only from Commonwealth countries. As far as celebrities are concerned, apart from known names like Elton John, Beckham couple and Guy Ritchie, Mario Testino, Rowan Atkinson, Joss Stone and Ian Thorpe will be present.

In all there are 1900 names on the guest list, and seating plan reveals only close family members of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess Diana’s family will be seated upfront on both sides on aisle and rest 1000 guests will have restricted view. Well, certainly no one will complain about the view because for every guest will be under media spotlight and is certain to feel special and privileged to be there!

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