Farah Khan Ali Brings her Luxury Jewelry Designs to Delhi, Launches Store at DLF Emporio Mall

The consumption of gold jewelry is traditionally very high in India as it is mandatory to gift gold ornaments to the bride on her wedding. But it is only now that the eye catching luxury jewelry is making inroads in the market. Farah Khan Ali who is at the forefront of this movement has launched an exclusive store in Delhi at the DLF Emporio Mall. Farah has an eye for detail and a flair for elegant and attractive designs. She is offering buyers a whole array of designs in gold, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and other such precious and semi-precious stones that is pure luxury.

This is Farah’s second store after the one she runs in Mumbai. She believes that Delhi is the fashion capital of India as the women here are more conscious about their looks and dress and have a fine taste. A lot of women in Delhi love bling and that is what she wants to provide them. The store has been launched in association with Navin and Deepak Mehra of AKM Mehrasons Jewelers, with whom she had first partnered with in 2006. Farah is generally very excited about the changing trends and tastes of Indian women. The buying of jewelry has gone beyond the marriage. The mandatory sets are still bought for the marriage but after some time the women now want to buy something they can wear more often.

Farah’s designs are aimed at this market and it is a huge market as there is a tendency amongst women to outdo the other. She makes pieces that are more stylish, trendier and something which makes a statement. Farah, who is the daughter of veteran actor Sanjay Khan creates limited edition pieces to maintain her exclusivity. She feels that she has so many ideas that she does not need to repeat herself but can keep creating new luxurious designs. The minimum price of a jewelry piece at the Farah Khan Ali store is Rs.100, 000. She blames it on the rising prices of diamond and gold on which she has no control.

Via: timesofindia.indiatimes, dailypioneer

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