The Largest Lollipop and Most Expensive Chair by Pieter Brenner

Designers believe in experimenting all the time. Sometimes experiments lead to interesting products but very often the experiments remain just that, interesting experiments. Pieter Brenner, a Dutch-born, German designer has done just that. Brenner has created a sugar chair using 60 pounds of confectioner’s sugar. The end result has been a rather heavy chair that is perhaps the sweetest in the world. Along with being the sweetest, it has ended up being the most expensive chair as well. This lollipop of a chair would cost you as much as $11,000.

Along with being the most expensive chair it has become the biggest and the most expensive lollipop as well. It is a twin one product that you can sit on or lick it if you are in the mood for something sweet. Brenner revealed that the process of making the lollipop chair wasn’t easy as the sugar takes time to dry up. He had to finally get good sugar specialists on board to get the product the way he wanted. He feels that his sugar chair will encourage the creative instincts in the consumer as he is free to do whatever he feels like doing with the form or the sugar.  From his point of view it is just a prototype that can be fine tuned according to individual preferences and tastes.

Pieter Brenner faces the question about the purpose of the creation. Everyone agrees that it is an interesting concept and he is congratulated for thinking up such a sweet idea but very few are convinced about the benefit of the experimental product. Brenner’s explanation is again the same that the user can play an active part in the design with form and the dimensions of the object himself. The more the consumer consumes the chair the less mass of the chair will be left in his living room.

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