Limited Edition $100 Gucci Bracelet To Support Relief Efforts In Japan

Trust Gucci to come up with a unique method to support relief work in earthquake-hit Japan. The Italian fashion house is launching a limited edition charity bracelet priced at $100 a piece to help raise funds for the relief efforts in the disaster-hit nation. The proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society even as they continue to battle the after-effects of the 11 March earthquake and tsunami that pushed the nation to the brink of a nuclear meltdown.

Last year, the likes of Scarlett Johansson had designed a bag to raise funds for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. This year, Gucci’s must be one of the first real attempts to infuse an element of style into relief efforts for Japan. And what better way to achieve that than through luxury accessories. $100 is not that much to pay either, at least not when you are living in the luxury sector.

The Gucci bracelet in question is a women’s band with a buckle. It is rather like a belt that fits on your wrist, and it is a free size. The white band has a slim red stripe, the white and red combination a reminder of the colors of the Japanese flag. Hanging from the buckle is a circular silver pendant that says, “Gucci loves you”. The buckle is shaped like Gucci’s iconic horsebit, and white leather graces part of the bracelet-for-a-cause.

The Gucci bracelet will hit stores in Japan this Saturday. A week later, it will be launched in the Italian brand’s flagship stores in the US, Europe and Asia. Already, Gucci and its sister brands have raised $3 million towards the relief effort.

Via: Los Angeles Times

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