The Klink & Osse TV lift is a Modern and Smart Piece of Furniture

Klink & Osse B.V. was founded by Bob Osse and Ivo Klink in 2006 in Netherlands. Within a short period of time they have established themselves as a company that develops creative and unique furniture. They take up a standard piece of furniture and incorporate innovative elements in it that makes it something new altogether and enhances the experience it provides. The idea is to improve functionality by incorporating newer available technology and redesign the product to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

The Klink & Osse TV lift is the latest example from their stable that confirms their creative genius. The TV lift has a Top Slide Mechanism attached to it that hides the flat screen television in a low board instead of keeping it on the standard cabinet. The TV tilts while going inside the cabinet, so it is possible to keep the total height of the cabinet as low as 450mm. When closed the cabinet presents a sleek modern look with straight lines. The mechanism works very smoothly and the material used is steel with powder coating that gives it a modern and sleek look.

Some may argue that it is extra work to slide the TV out every time you want to watch it. But the time taken for sliding in or sliding out the TV is just 25 seconds. And the major advantage of the TV lift is that it ensures that your television will appear in the ideal viewing height. Sitting in your favorite chair and having the TV at the perfect height accordingly enhances the viewing experience. An iPad or iPhone remote control is optional but recommended for greater convenience of operations.

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