Luxury Golf Carts that are Sure to Make Heads Turn

Golf carts are an integral part of today as walking through all the 18 holes is not everyone’s cup of tea. Golf is an elite game and has always been associated with luxury. Everything about the game gets a luxurious twist, so it is no surprise that the golf carts today are no simple white box on wheels but come in all shapes and sizes and have features comparable to the best luxury cars in the market. There are many players in the field making golf carts and there are expert designers who are creating carts that will turn heads as it cruises down the fairway.

We can review some of the better ones here for your benefit. has LaBenz Golf Cart available that can be ordered with different features and options. It has custom bucket seats, Carbon fiber dashboard, an AM/FM stereo CD player. This electric golf cart has a 3.8hp Electric motor, 48volt Chassis, a custom fiberglass body with a tinted windshield. The cart comes in 2, 4, or even 6 passenger models. The custom paint job gives it a classy look and the aluminum sport wheels and side mirrors add to the look. The base price of the cart is $15,750.

The Escalade Golf Cart from Cadillac comes with a Cadillac Front Grill. It is a four seater cart with ice chests both in front and rear to beat the heat in summer evenings. This cart also comes with several options including a pearl paint job, hardtop, rear bag holders or leather seats. The price of the cart is $15,999 and you have to pay extra for the options you select. The ’56 Pick-up Golf Cart has a unique style of its own as it comes with a cherry wood inlaid bed. It has a touch of history with an unusual twist. The cart rides a 48volt Club Car Chassis and costs $16,999.


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