De Beers Launches New, Informative Diamond Website

De Beers diamonds are known the world over. Not just jewelry, we have seen exquisite De Beers watches. We have eyed De Beers diamond Barbie doll. Over the years, diamonds and De Beers have become synonymous. And now, the relationship is set to strengthen further given that De Beers recently launched a new, very in-depth website in Whether you are a connoisseur or an occasional buyer, you cannot help being awed by the brilliant new website, which could soon be hailed as a definitive reference site as far as diamond jewelry is concerned.

You will find plenty of beautiful photographs of De Beers jewelry, as well as personalized content from experts from the world of diamond jewelry. The company is looking at it as a “definitive diamond information resource”, the idea being to play “diamond mentor” to customers. De Beers CEO Francois Delage described the new digital campaign of the diamond jeweler as “an important step” for the company.

Plus, the website showcases the De Beers Marque – an engraving within the diamond that consists of the words “De Beers”, followed by an identification number. The engraving is not visible to the naked eye and is tamper-proof, even by laser. Each diamond is catalogued in the De Beers Diamond Registry and comes with a De Beers Passport which carries all information about the specific diamond.

Also present on the website are original sketches of De Beers jewelry, expert opinions as well as personal experiences related to wearing or buying De Beers diamonds. Part of the collection is available for sale through the website, but be prepared to spend around $5,000 while shopping on the new site.

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