Concept Universe Defines the Next Volvo Luxury Sedan

Cars have been getting the luxury treatment since they have been in commercial production. The Indian Maharajas of yore and the oil rich Arab sheikhs have all encouraged and supported the luxury car makers to come up with customized luxurious models. Volvo is also working on a new design for a new line that can help it consolidate its position in the top of the line sedan segment. The size of the segment has become larger and it is today possible to sell top of the line cars in good numbers. It makes sense for Volvo to upgrade its luxury cars not lust in design but the features it sports.

The new development by Volvo is called the Concept Universe. It is for Volvo the definition of what a uber-luxury sedan should be. The new design and the concept car is supposed to offer a preview of what to expect from the firm’s next top-of-the line sedan. The design has departed from its current S80 almost completely. The company unveiled it first in Shanghai as all the action in the luxury market is happening in China. Today that is the only market that can provide significant volumes for high end luxury products. According to a statement from Volvo a new human centric design language has been used to spark a subconscious desire and a feeling of eternal beauty.

The company is yet to release all the technical details but what you can see tells you a lot. The interior has been designed to be user-focused but refreshingly uncomplicated. Features available to the driver are intuitive controls and a touch-screen that approaches the hand when the driver reaches towards it. The seating has been designed to match the ultra comfortable chairs. The Bentley luxury cars have also been working on the interior comfort for the passengers. Volvo on its part is confident that they have created a special contemporary luxury experience but is awaiting the feedback from the most demanding Chinese customers.

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