Bang & Olufsen Introduces An All New Full HD-3D Television System

One of the foremost names in the field of home audio & video equipment, Bang & Olufsen, has now introduced an all new marvel of personal entertainment in the form of the all new BeoVision 4, an 85 inch plasma TV that is also be touted as the world’s first Full HD television with 3D capabilities. The BeoVision 4 is the last addition to the company’s cinema line of high definition televisions including BeoVision 8 LCD and BeoVision 103 while bringing the best of the cutting edge audio and video technology. This marvelous new Full HD-3D television comes has been designed to bring rich and sharp TV experience to the consumers, while immersing them in the iconic quality of Bang & Olufsen.

Bang & Olufsen has brought its innovative concept of 3D technology using active shutter glasses via BeoVision 4 and has incorporated this luxurious home entertainment system with the state of the art Automatic Color Management system that has been designed to render splendid visuals despite the age of the content. As far as the sound quality of BeoVision 4 is concerned, the company has kept to its reputation of being one of the leaders in the audio realm, as this new HD-3D TV comes with a dedicated center loudspeaker called, BeoLab 10, which utilizes the Acoustic Lens Technology. Luxury is the punch-line of Bang & Olufsen and it can be found in abundance in BeoVision 4, where in the television has been given an electronic stand that elevates the screen to the most optimal viewing angle, the moment the TV is switched on.

BeoVision 4 has also been designed to be an all-in-one home equipment solution as the consumers can even control a wide range of electronics equipment such as security systems, ventilation, curtains, pool cover, burglar alarm etc. with the BeoVision 6 remote control.

According to Ole Moltsen (Product Manager, Bang & Olufsen),

“Placed on a motorized stand, BeoVision 4 represents a whole new and unique approach to the placement of a giant flat screen TV. Bang & Olufsen is among the few companies that are able to deliver a TV screen that size, and we are the only ones who can offer a stand that will actually lift the screen off the floor, and then turn and tilt it to your preferred viewing position.”

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