Rohrbacher Luxury Watches Sparkle with Deep Set Dahlia Cut Diamonds

You look at all the big names in watch making today and you will find one thing in common, They all started off in the 19th century. They have all been making high quality luxury watches watches for over a century now. Rohbacher is one of them that has made high-quality watches that have transcended time. It was founded in 1851 by Friedrich and Katharina Rohrbacher. Now it is the fifth generation that is taking the tradition of watch making forward. Andreas Rohrbacher has expanded the horizon of Rohrbacher watches to encompass luxury watches and fine jewelry.

Rohrbacher have developed a signature style that differentiates it easily from the crowd of luxury watches. They use the finest craftsmanship to do deep diamond setting. They arrange twinkling diamonds in a perfect line and set it deep into the watch or jewelry for maximum sparkle and eye-catching design. They have used this unique style of craftsmanship in several of their watches as well as jewelry pieces. Another aspect of their craftsmanship that differentiates them from the other manufacturers is the way they cut their diamonds. It is the cut of the diamond that adds value to a rough. Andreas Rohrbacher has developed a cut of his own that is called the Dahlia cut. It offers more twinkle than a traditional cut diamond. Another special stone cut is the Rohrbacher Deux Ponts Carree cut, which creates an unmistakable star shape in the center of the stone.

Rohrbacher luxury watches and fine jewelry is now available on their website. Another unique offer available on the site is that you can personalize your choice of three watch designs: Laura, Max 1 & Deux Ponts I. You have the option of using numerous winders, dials, bezels, lugs and bands in various styles including red gold, yellow gold, platinum, white and black diamonds, inlays in various permutations and combinations. Their diamonds on the new luxury watch Specialty 2011 has been certified as excellent by Gemological Institute of America which is a rare achievement. The company has firmed up plans to open several stores in the US this year.

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  • This is amazing! A girl can never have too many choices! I will buy one of those for sure! Thumbs up!

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