Philip Levine, the First Professional Head Artist to Exhibit his work in London

Philip Levine, 29 is a head artist. No, he does not head a group of artists but creates designs and works of art on his head. There are a lot of us who, in a crazy moment have shaved of our head and done something eccentric with it. But we simply forget about it as the hair grows back quickly. But doing this consistently and professionally is unheard of. And that’s why Philip Levine is being called the first professional head artist. Levine will host his first exhibition of artwork next month, featuring images of his head in a variety of designs.

One of his most talked about design is the Swarovski Skull where he covered his bald head with 1,000 Swarovski crystals. This unique artistic initiative started in 2006. Levine began to go bald in his early 20s and decided he didn’t want to be in that in-between stage. He didn’t like what he saw in the mirror and shaved off his head on an impulse. He then thought it would be quite fun to create a design where his hair used to be and use it as a canvas. He teamed up with body artist Kat Sinclair to create a variety of designs.

There were elaborate designs including an underwater scene complete with shipwreck and giant turtle, a butterfly garden and a mirror ball. The designs which are mostly conceptualized by Levine himself got more eccentric as he went along. He even incorporated requests from people if it appealed to him. The exhibition he is holding is titled Headism and is sponsored by Gillette. (They are perhaps hoping that it will inspire people to shave off their heads) The exhibition will open at the NL Dutch Cultural Pop Up Space in central London in May.

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