Diamond Studded Gold Ring Created by Tiffany & Co. For San Francisco Giants Looks Stunning!

Baseballs fans will know about incredible win of San Francisco Giants in MLB World Series in 2010 which made them World Champions. Tiffany & Co. have created diamond studded gold “World Series” ring for each athlete of SF Giants team to commemorate their spectacular win. Maybe, it is a bit late for the new baseball season is already here but then there is still a reason to honor and celebrate reigning world champions. In fact, these rings were long overdue because athletes were given token rings.

Tiffany & Co. have created special rings for other sports like football in the past but this is the first time it has been entrusted to create a ring for MLB World Series. They have done an excellent stunning job. Each diamond studded gold ring called ‘World Series ring’ is made of 18k white gold, yellow gold plates and 77 diamonds. The ring bears San Francisco Giant’s logo – “SF” in the center and glittering words “World Champions” all around it. On one side of the ring one can catch a glimpse of famous Golden Gate Bridge as well.  Name of every athlete will be engraved on the other side of the ring. Tiffany & Co. have made one extra ring which will be raffled-off for charity by San Francisco Giants.

Rings always symbolize special moments of life; take look at some other interesting rings, eternal rings and wedding rings. But each team member of San Francisco Giants will treasure this special World Series ring forever for it will always remind them and generations after them about their spectacular win.

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