Space Expedition Curacao And Elysiants Team Up For Luxury Space Travel

Virgin Galactic will soon have competition on the space travel circuit. With space tourism gaining more and more fans as the days go by, a company that works in commercial space line and space port at Curacao is joining hands with a luxury lifestyle network to provide a more luxurious space travel option. Space Expedition Curacao is teaming up with luxury brand Elysiants to ensure that space travel and luxury soon become synonymous.

Space Expedition Curacao operates out of the Curacao International Airport within the Caribbean. The company is hoping to build a commercial space line and a space port within the Curacao airport. Under the new tie-up between Space Expedition Curacao and Elysiants, it appears that members of the luxury lifestyle network could soon have the opportunity to go up in space much like Russia’s Uri Gagarin did half a century ago.

Also in the offing is a new section, the Future Astronauts Club or F.Ast Club. This club will be launched on the Elysiants website allowing its wealthy members to aspire to fulfill their dreams of someday living the astronaut life. Of course, membership to this premiere club will not be easy. And members will get pure VIP treatment, gifts and more, even before the rocket actually launches them into space. At $90,000, this is not going to come cheap, however.

So far, only about 521 people have reached outer space. But companies like Space Expedition Curacao will be looking to change that. Space tourism is set to transform our vacation plans, and the space hotel is no longer such a distant dream.

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