Boston Dogs Get Three New Luxury Pet Hotels

Man’s best friend is now beginning to hit the luxury headlines. Boston dog owners who adore their canine friends are often unwilling to leave their animals in a kennel. But when an exotic luxury vacation awaits, there is little else that you can do. Luckily, a range of new pet hotels is coming up across Boston. Urban Hound, Boston Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa and Fenway Bark are three of the latest addresses that will have dog owners smiling broadly.

Urban Hound is a boutique hotel and dogs day care centre that recently opened in the South End area. If you are looking for luxury pet hotels, consider this South End address that could host your dog in a $65-per-night suite, offer a range of spa services and give your pet access to Animal Planet via a flat-screen TV. Then, on Southampton Street near Southeast Expressway, pet owners entrusting their dogs to Boston Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa could pay up to $85 per night for a room. The room rates rise to as much as $150 per night at South Boston’s Fenway Bark.

According to Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products Association, the pets hotel business is among the fastest-growing within the $48 billion pet industry. Vetere believes that the influence of the baby boomer generation has largely contributed to the dehumanising of pets. As a result, luxury pet hotels now include webcams, cage-free sleeping arrangements (including sleeping on a bed with a hotel employee for company), slumber parties with other animals and so on.


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