Aston Martin Introduces An All New Sensational Apple iPhone Application ‘Experience’

One of the foremost names in luxury cars, Aston Martin, has now announced the launch of an all new phenomenal application for the incredibly famous Apple iPhone 4G in the form of the all new Aston Martin Experience. This brand new application has been designed on the terms of a similar application released called, ‘Explore’ that was released by Aston Martin that was released in the month of December last year. Though the new application seems to be an upgrade on Explore, yet ‘Experience’ has been packed with cool new features that will make Aston Martin owners enjoy their vehicles more than ever.

Aston Martin, which is one of the highly renowned luxury car brands had recently announced the introduction of the sensational One-77 supercar. This phenomenal new vehicle has been designed and developed from carbon fiber and is expected to be the world’s most expensive car with a price tag of a whopping $9.6 million. The all new Aston Martin Experience application has been designed to be compatible with nearly all of the  company’s car models where in the users will be able to record their vehicle’s speed via GPS. Aston Martin has ensured that the Experience takes full advantage of the immensely popular Retina Display feature of the iPhone 4 and the application also provides the users with external forces information via its telemetry feature that is operated through the motions sensors built in the iPhone 4.

Among other features, the Experience offers the users the chance to record their drives in their Aston Martin vehicles by recording their experiences through the camera lens of the iPhone. Also, if you are getting bored and need to pass time, then you can always use the ‘Launch’ feature of the application that gives you a virtual speedometer with which you can listen to the engine sounds of various Aston Martin vehicle, including the One-77 supercar. Aston Martin Experience is available via Apple Apps Store with a price tag of $5.99.

Via Motor Authority

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