Go for the £220,000 Lamborghini Laptop on James List and Drive Away in Style

If you are going to buy a laptop, I suggest that you should take a look at the Lamborghini Asus VX3. In terms of its features it might be a little behind the current models but it is no doubt, a luxury laptop. After the arrival of iPad and other tablets, the sale of laptops has been on a decline. You perhaps go out for laptop shopping but end up buying an iPad. There has been a conscious effort on the part of different manufacturers to revive the sales of laptops.

They have created the slimmest laptop. They have released versions that compete to be declared the most expensive. There have been diamond encrusted Macbook. And there have been designers who have created bespoke luxury laptop. The Lamborghini Asus VX3 is a 2008 model. Yes, in the field of computers that is a bit too old. The VX3 features a 2.5 GHz processor with 4GB of RAM along with a distinct yellow Lamborghini paint job. The price at £220,000 seems a bit over the top when compared the most expensive Macbook of its generation which is priced at $2,499.

London’s Bob Forstner Park Lane has an idea to make the deal worthwhile for you. In case you overlooked, there is a Lamborghini LP 640 Roadster that comes free with the luxury laptop. In fact the package gets bigger as it also includes a Tag Heuer Meridist Phone. What a deal! Buy a laptop and drive away in style. That’s some laptop shopping. The deal is available on James List. Do check it out.

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