Marcia Sherrill Uses Solid Gold to Create the Grande Anne Tole Bag

Bags have a huge market. And when you are talking about a luxury handbag, it is not bought because you need one but because you simply can’t resist owning it. And you have designer handbags because every designer has created a collection some time or the other. Alexander McQueen’s knuckle duster clutch comes to mind straight away. Every luxury brand carries a line of expensive handbags. Mouawad had created one which was priced in millions. You should be ready to pay if want to be seen carrying branded handbags. Louis Vuitton handbags are very popular in the segment. The latest release in the high end leather handbags segment is the Grande Anne Tole by Marcia Sherrill.

At the first glance the bag looks pretty unassuming and you almost feel the Grande in the name is misplaced. But when you look closely at the luxury handbag, the luxury aspect of the bag starts growing on you. It is a designer handbag that keeps everything simple but packs some serious luxury punch. The bag is made from natural black python skin. There is no need to mention here that it is the best you can get. But the feature that takes this bag to another level of luxury is that the entire hardware of the bag is made from solid 18kt gold.

The button in front of the bag with the designer’s stamp is also made from solid gold. The shape of the luxury handbag is traditional with, rolled double top handles, and a metallic gold plonge leather interior lining. This designer could easily be called the golden bag for the amount of gold that has been used to create it. In fact that is one of the reasons why no price has been fixed for the bag as it will vary according to the fluctuating price of gold. At the current price of gold it will cost you a cool $46,000.

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