Futuristic And Fun: The Omega Constellation LED Time Computer I

At first glance, it looks like just another watch. However, the new offering from Swiss watchmaker Omega is the watch of the future. If you love digital watches, it hardly gets better than this. Named the Omega Constellation LED Time Computer I, this luxury watch is fitted with LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology.

It is the perfect gift for your geekiest friend, that is, if you are willing to shell out over $9K on a gift. This luxury watch is being produced in two versions – a 14k white or yellow gold-filled version and an 18k solid gold version. This timepiece is the watch for geeks who can afford high-end luxury watches that make a style statement. The yellow gold-filled models are priced at approximately $9,993 and the white gold-filled ones at $10,277. As of now, all we know is that only 47 units of the solid gold Omega Constellation LED Time Computer will be produced. We can only guess how much these high-end digital watches will cost.

The gold bracelet only accentuates the large futuristic red LED dot display. The time shows up on this large black display in bold red font. The time is correct within five seconds per month. Okay, so it does not touch the new Apollo Mikrotimer Flying 1000 from TAG Heuer on the accuracy meter, but who cares! The Omega Time Computer is not attempting to break any records. It merely offers a break from the usual range of luxury watches by successfully combining a futuristic digital display with the classic appeal of a gold bracelet.

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