Gilded iPhones and The Millionaires’ iPhone App From iVIP

Earlier this month, luxury lifestyle club iVIP launched the world’s only premium lifestyle iPhone app in New York City. Here is a closer look at the new app which promises members “unique, exclusive privilege treatment” from iVIP’s luxury partners. The luxury iPhone app was first launched in the United Kingdom. The app’s success in the UK convinced iVIP to reach out to a wider audience. New York was the next stop. Now, the luxury club has launched a premium version, the iVIP Black Exclusive, also known as “The Millionaire’s App”. And why not? This app costs a stunning ¬£599.99.

Members of the iVIP Black Exclusive will be treated like royalty across the lifestyle club’s luxury partners. That includes Gordon Ramsay Restaurants and Virgin Limited Edition (which includes Necker Island) among other big names. So get ready for exclusive rates and priority booking, surprise gifts, and even champagne on arrival. Also on offer are butlers, personal trainers and stylists, access to privet jets, yachts casinos, theatres and more.

However, not everyone can enter this exclusive millionaires’ club. While downloading the app, iPhone users will have to certify their millionaire status. Once that hurdle is crossed, there is a private consultation about how iVIP can cater to the VIP life.

iVIP has an additional offering for the millionaire. The luxury club is designing iVIP iPhones in gold, platinum and diamond. iVIP members can even order customized engravings on this limited edition device.

Non-millionaires dream of living like the super-wealthy. iVIP’s new bespoke phones and “The Millionaire’s App” simply add to the effect.

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