Using Facebook as an Effective Marketing Tool To Reach Elite

Facebook has emerged as one of the most powerful social networking website, Facebook tribe grows every day and it is even called a nation in itself or a mini planet.  One can no longer deny it is a very effective platform to spread an idea or even sell one. Recently Facebook was one of the important communication tools that triggered revolution and made dictators of Tunisia and Egypt step down. But is it all that easy to spread the word on Facebook? Can advertisers use this medium effectively to market different kinds of products or its better to stick to conventional advertising and marketing techniques?

The best perspective is to look at Facebook as a database, for it asks and stores all kinds of data of the users and discloses it as well.  So one can find target audience for a particular product by simply doing a simple survey of the users. It is very easy to find uber rich users if you can check profiles of millions of users and look further into job titles, indulges, interest, what kind of pages they like etc. Rich people always flaunt their flamboyant lifestyles and luxury brands they like.

The only worrying question is do users reveal their true job titles and true profiles? Most of the time they do, most users use Facebook as an social networking tool to project their own images and their company images, be it false or real.  Even if information is false, one can look at the pages users frequent, their friend list to find real information. Clever marketing folks can find target audience on the basis of job titles, age, locations, inspirations and books, television channels, music and even luxury products they like. One cannot forget that Facebook lures users to reveal a lot about themselves through different questions, applications and pages. One can find even specific information as to what cars people drive and their travel plans, which are good markers that reveal socio-economic background.  Facebook itself has marketing applications which can help new brands and products reach out to millions of users.

Advertising on Facebook may not look simple and easy but it is very effective way to reach individual user, one can reach directly to their walls and their cell phones. One can simply update one’s product page and it will reach every user who ‘likes’ that page as newsfeed. Musicians, authors, spiritual people, political leaders everyone is using Facebook as marketing tool, so there is no doubt that one can use all the information on Facebook to reach specific audience. If one looks away from Facebook, then one is turning away from millions of users, which would be foolish for Facebook tribe is only going to grow in coming years. To learn more about how to Facebook for marketing click here.

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Using Facebook as an Effective Marketing Tool To Reach Elite

Facebook has emerged as one of the most powerful social networking website,...
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