Baselworld 2011: Marc Newson Introduces The All New Ikepod Hourglass

Though Baselworld is known to be one of the foremost and most prestigious watch shows in the world, yet at Baselworld 2011 this year, designer Marc Newson has introduced an fabulous product in the form of the all new ‘Ikepod Hourglass’. This time telling device that has its roots in the 8th century and was invented by a French monk, Luitprand, has a for centuries been one of the most accurate time contraption that was later made popular by the Egyptians. The Hourglass presented at the Baselworld 2011 is made entirely from one piece of borosilicate glass that has been hand blown for the entire body of the hourglass.

For this exquisite hourglass that carries a price tag of $28,500, Mr. Newson has replaced the traditional ingredient of sand with about 8 million nanoballs coated with a variety of materials. Marc has come with four different models of The Hourglass, where in they come in black stainless steel, stainless steel, copper, and yellow gold. The Yellow Gold model (HGS80) is by far the most attractive of the series, with abundant use of the material. Though it might seem strange to you that an hourglass has been showcased at a watch exhibition, yet the fact remains that this historic time device can very well be termed as the foundation of horology. This series of magnificent series of hourglasses is also comprised of smaller models that are given the name ‘HGSS’ and Marc Newson has used about 1.3 million nanoballs, considerably lesser than the HGS models.

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